Shimpo Ceramics Rebranding – A Huge Undertaking

a picture of the shimpo pottery wheel

On October of 1998, the Corporate name changed to Nidec-Shimpo Corporation, but the branding did not change. Flash forward 20 years to 2018, and the confusion is ending.

The Branding change from Shimpo Ceramics to Nidec is currently in full force.

I had some questions about the Shimpo RK-Whisper because it made Pottery Crafters top three pottery wheel picks and Lauren from sales at Nidec Ceramics was very helpful.
Not only did she get back to me very quickly and answer my questions, but she also informed me that Shimpo was going through a major rebranding.

Here is a small part of an email response she sent.

“Our company was bought out by
Nidec 20 years ago and in the last year our products have been labeled
Nidec instead of Shimpo. Products are exactly the same, its just the
labeling that has changed.”

I also informed Lauren that I hadn’t seen any Nidec branded pottery equipment anywhere, brick and mortar stores or online, and here is what she had to say.

“Yes, the rebranding is a huge undertaking and is in the process. We have yet to send all of our dealer’s images for their sites etc.
Our logo is below.”

a picture of the nidec logo

So there you have it. When you start seeing the Nidec logo and branding showing up everywhere, don’t be confused or think, it is a new company. Same great quite quality, just new branding.

This is My Second Favorite Pottery Wheel. I’m glad I had a few questions about the Shimpo RK-Whisper and finding out their customer service is very helpful.

It’s nice to see any confusion cleared up. It’s also nice to hear that nothing else will be changing.
Shout out to Lauren from Nidec, thank you for your help.

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