Casserole Dish Supplies Needed

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Below is the list of Tools (with links) that were Used in the YouTube Video – Making a Casserole Dish Pottery Wheel Projects #18

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🔷 CLAY 3.8 lb.
Amaco Stoneware #46 Buff

Attention Important Reading

If the Amaco Stoneware #46 Buff is unavailable here are a few alternative comparable clays that should hold you over. 
Amaco Moist Earthenware -also from Amazon, with Free Shipping. And Rocky Mountain BMix – BMX – Mid Fire – with Free Shipping. Or if you can’t wait and still want the Amaco Stoneware #46 Buff  
Here is a link to Blick where it is currently in stock.
Keep in mind you will pay a handling and shipping charge.

🔷 Tools Used In The Video
Needle Tool (Hand Tool Set)
Wire Cutter (Hand Tool Set
Wooden Modeling Tool (Hand Tool Set)
Metal Scraper (Hand Tool Set)
Ribbon Tool (Hand Tool Set)
Loop Tool (Hand Tool Set)
Double-Edged Trimming Tool (Hand Tool Set)
Wire Brush Scoring Tool (Hand Tool Set)
Potters Knife (Hand Tool Set)

👉 This 57 Piece Tool Set has all of the basic tools listed above included, and many more.

🔷 Other Tools in The Video (Sold Separately)
Mudtools – Sponge
Amaco Caliper
Scott Creek Clay Extruder
Amaco Plasti Bat

Amaco – Indigo Float
Amaco – Seaweed

AMAGIC Artist – Soft Fan Brush
Langnickel – Hake Brush
Transon – Round Detail Brush

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