Best Pottery Tool Sets Under $18

a picture of a pig in the middle of pottery tool sets

As a potter, you can never have enough tools.
There are certain tools you will need to shape, decorate, and texture your clay and others you will get just because they are cool or a fellow potter friend has one. The more tools you have, the more creative you can get with your clay.
There is no better place to start then with a Pottery Tool Set.
These Tool Sets have a great selection at a great price.

I have put together a list of five of the Best Pottery Tool Sets under $18.
Many of these tools I have used or am using at the present time.
Any of these picks will help you to create beautiful pottery.

1. Beskit Clay Sculpting Tool Set

a picture of a potter using a metal wire brush tool
Metal Wire Brush Tool

After you throw the pumpkin, pig, or apple shape on the wheel, you want some carving and sculpting tools to finish creating your piece with. This set has everything you need to complete your projects.


This 30 piece BESKIT Clay Sculpting Tool Set is a great value. For only around $15, you can’t go wrong.


Although these tools are not strong enough to carve real pumpkins, this Tool Set is still durable and can carve and shape the clay even when it’s a little past leather hard. The overall quality of this set is good. The wooden modeling tools hold up very well even after continual use with wet clay. Also, the wooden tooltips don’t wear down fast.

Ease of Use:

Love the carving tools. The handles are a good size and fit comfortably in your hands as you carve and shape your creation. The round loop tool is not sharp but does the job just fine for sculpting. Keep in mind the knives work well but are not as sharp as a fettling knife. The wire texture tool is great for creating fine lines and joining clay together.

Other features:

The six different rubber tips are soft and flexible and smooth out the clay nicely. You’ll be happy with the variety of tools you’ll have to choose from. These tools are great for decorating flat and round surfaces as well as tight spaces. You can find this Tool Set on Amazon. Click HERE to check them out.  

2. US Art Supply Ceramics Tool Set

a picture of a potter using a ribbon tool
Ribbon Tool

This 14 set Pottery Tool Set was made with the creative ceramic carver in mind. This is a good sculpting set to get started with. It helps the beginner feel like a pro.


These tools reasonably priced. For around $13 you get a nice Tool Set.


The modeling tools and ceramic tools are good and solid. They hold up nicely over time. The wooden modeling tools last a long time and hold up to moisture really well. However, you don’t want them to be floating in your water container or have them wet for a prolonged period of time.

Ease of Use:

Whether you are pro or just a beginner, you will be pleased with this set. The model tools fit nicely in your hands even when your hands are wet or full of clay. The ribbon tool handles are thin but still work well. They carved thin areas with smooth precision for me.   

Other features:

This Tool Set comes with a Canvas Zippered Case. The case holds the tools in place well but, because the case is canvas and given the nature of pottery, you will be hard-pressed to keep it clean, especially when used often. Most of the pieces in this 14-piece set, are double-sided which gives you 23 different tools to work with, making it a nice compact versatile set of tools. To get your set Click HERE.

3. Meuxan Pottery Sculpting Tool Set

a picture of a potter using a metal scraper on the pottery wheel
Metal Scraper

This set is great for starters. You get your basic tools every potter needs to throw on the wheel with, (needle tool, wooden rib, and modeling tool, wire clay cutter, metal rib, loop, and ribbon tool and sponge) plus a whole a lot more.   


This Meuxan Pottery Sculpting Tool Set has a big selection of tools. With over half of the 30 pieces being double-sided, this Tool Set is an incredible deal at under $18.


These tools hold up well and feel sturdy. The wood tools haven’t splintered after a year of steady work. This is important since these tools do get wet from time to time, especially when working on the potter’s wheel a lot. A few of the tools were loose, but they popped back in. A touch of glue does wonders.   

Ease of Use:

The wire loop tool is on the dull side and knives are not as sharp, but they do a good job of carving and are great for beginner potters. The wood handles have a comfortable feel when carving and creating designs in the clay. Check this set out HERE.

Other features:

You’ll be surprised by the number of different tools you will have to choose from. Much better than using nail files, screwdrivers, paper clips, and other assorted household items to create the desired effect on your piece. These sculpting tools do the trick, so you don’t have to search the house for the right tool.

4. Blisstime 30 PC Clay Tool Set

a picture of a potter using a spearhead tool
Spearhead Tool


For 30 tools, the price around $15 it will definitely not break the bank. And with most of the tools being double-sided, you get choice of over 50 different tips to choose from. 


The Blisstime Tool Set is made well. The tools don’t slip out of your hands when they’re wet or covered in clay. These are sturdy tools for the price.

The carving tips can be very sharp, so it good to use caution when carving.

Ease of Use:

These tools are very versatile and carve, shape, and smooth out your clay with ease. The wooden modeling tools shape and cut into the clay effectively. The rubber shapers smooth out the surface of the clay plus shape and draw beautifully. The loop tool is also not sharp in this set.

Other features:

This is a great set to have for your studio. You may not need all the tools all the time, but whenever you need a certain carving tool, this Tool Set will have it. Click HERE to get yours. This set makes carving and shaping your pottery easier. 

5. Blisstime 34 PC Pottery Tool Set

a picture of a potter using a plastic modeling tool
Plastic Modeling Tool

This Blisstime Pottery Sculpting Tool Set is one of the best and affordable Tool Set s. Perfect for the beginner potter that doesn’t quite know which tools to get yet. This Set has the sculpting tools plus other basic tools needed to throw on the wheel, including a sponge.


For all the tools you get with this Pottery Tool Set, the price is surprisingly good. This 34 Piece Set is only around $17. Wow-what a deal.


For the number of items you get and the quality is pretty good. I have only had two carving tools detach from the wooden holder. I just glued it back in and continued with my work.
These tools hold up well, even with my hands full of wet clay.

Ease of Use:

These tools perform nicely with each task I have. The loop tool could be a bit sharper for carving, but all in all, they do the job cutting, carving, smoothing, and scraping. To get yours click HERE.

Other features:

Each tool in this set has served its purpose. The metal rib is thin and flexible, just the way I like it. The different types of sculpting tools really help you to achieve the right shape you want. The Plastic modeling tool with a smooth pointy tip on one end and spear on the other is one of my favorite modeling tools. I use it mainly for attaching handles which you can see in my Video on Attaching Handles to Mugs in 5 Easy Steps.  


That was the list of some really good Pottery Tool Set s for under $18 for you to choose from. If you would like to check out more pottery tools, head on over my Best Tools Page. Also check out the review on one of the favorite tools I use on the potter’s wheel, The Ultimate Edger. The perfect edging tool for the pottery wheel.  

When it comes to using pottery tools, the things you can do seem endless. It’s nice to a big selection of tools to choose from. You can cut, carve, add on, smooth out, draw on, and shape with the help of pottery tools. Does every Tool Set have everything you need? No, but that’s why there are many different ones to choose at a reasonable price.

These Tool Set s sure helped me create and enjoy the Art of Pottery making, hope they do the same for you.

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