Hi, I’m Marie
I’m a Potter, a Writer, and the Creator of Pottery Crafters
I also make videos on about Making Pottery on Youtube.
My passion is to make Pottery, and to Pass on what I learn to you, helping you in your Pottery Making Journey

Progress over Perfection

Marie OC

Pottery is the only form of art that I know of that brings all four elements of the earth together.
Earth (Clay), Water to form the Clay, Air to dry the Clay, and Fire to melt the glaze and Vitrify the Pottery into creating a piece of art that can last thousands of years.  

I fell in love with Pottery the first time I sat down on the Pottery Wheel and created my first little bowl. It was heavy, and the glaze didn’t turn out right, but that was ok with me, I still loved it. The more I learned about pottery making the more Pottery I wanted to make, My love for the wheel is just as strong as it was the first time I sat down.

About – Pottery Crafters

I’m the founder of Pottery Crafters, giving you insightful information to help you along on your Pottery journey. 

I started this website after thinking there are so many Tips Tools and Ideas I can share with other Potters to help make their journey easier and more creative.

The things you can create with Clay are endless, but because of the nature of Clay and Glaze, there are some rules you must follow.
I have dedicated this Website and YouTube channel to help you with the basic rules of pottery making by giving you Tips, Tools, and Techniques so you can avoid some of the mistakes I have made along the way. Also, to provide you with different ideas to create beautiful Pottery.   

The great thing about making Pottery is there is no age limit. You can start at any time in your life, and It’s never too early or too late. 

If you’re taking your first class or 40th, I guarantee we’ve got something for you here. My goal is to help you improve your craft and give you fun ideas for the many different things you can create with Clay. 

Here at Pottery Crafters, we are building a community of friendly, helpful Potters and would love you to be a part of it. 

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The Tools I Use

All of the Tools and Pottery Making equipment that I talk about on Pottery Crafters are Tools and Pottery Making equipment that either I own and use at this moment, or  are  Tools and Pottery Making equipment I  have personally used  at the local Public Clay Studio