Best Glaze Brushes

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When it comes to decorating your pottery, there are so many different things you can do with glaze brushes

  • Creating patterns
  • Do detailing
  • Draw images
  • Brush on names and sayings
  • Wax resist application
  • Applying slip
  • Brush on bold strokes or fine lines

When using glaze brushes one size does not fit all. It’s important to have the right brush for the pottery you are glazing. You will find the more you glaze, the more brush selections you will want.

Few Things to Look For In A Brush

  • How the brushes hold your glaze
  • How smooth the glaze can flow on your pottery
  • Softness
  • How well the brush keeps its bristles
  • How the handles feel while glazing
  • The ability to get into small areas
  • The ability to cover large areas smooth and evenly

Having the right brush does matter. I would like to share with you the brushes I glaze the most with and why they are my favorites.

Langnickel Hake Brushes are My Top Pick For Large Area Brushes

a picture of hake brushes

I found when glazing large areas the Langnickel Hake Brushes do the job better than any brush I had used before. You will find the glaze just glides on leaving a smooth finish. Hake brushes hold the extra glaze that is needed to cover the pottery evenly, making coverage easier and more even than other brushes.

Using one small brush for all my pottery didn’t work out well at all. The smaller brush on bigger pots took forever to apply, and the coverage turned out uneven. That’s why it’s great to have three different Hake brush sizes to choose from.

While glazing seems similar to painting, it’s not. The ingredients of glazes consist mainly of silica and clay, which makes it far different than paint. That’s why not just any brush will do. These brushes hold the glaze really well and make the application of glaze go on faster and smoother than any other brush I have used for overall coverage.

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My Top Fan Brush Pick is the Amagic Brush Set

a picture of fan brushes

I just love, love, love these Fan brushes. They are a must-have when decorating pottery. I found the different effects they make and the coverage they produce have been wonderful.

This Fan Brush Set makes glazing and underglazing fun and easy. I love the assortment of sizes to choose from. As a potter, you always have different size projects and different decorating styles. That’s why there is no way you can have only one size Fan brush. I love using the Fan brush for my small and medium size projects. They work great when glazing things like cups and ring holders.

It’s hard to glaze when your brush is too stiff, your glaze is going nowhere fast. You also don’t want the bristles to be too soft where you don’t have good control of the strokes. This Fan brush is not too stiff or soft and holds the glaze on the brush nicely. It makes glazing more enjoyable when I can feel the glaze slide on my pottery nice and smooth. You can order yours by clicking Fan Brush Set.

These brushes are also perfect for decorative glazing. You can apply thin lines by using the side of your brush. Abstract painting is also fun and easy with these brushes.
Picking little brush hairs from your glaze work can be annoying, to say the least. These brushes have not shed on my pottery so far.

Top Pick For Detail Brushes Is Transon Round 8pcs

a picture of transon brushes

Did you ever search for the right size brush for the thickness you desire when decorating your pottery? The Transon Round Detail Brushes work for great for detail design using thin to thick lines. Different sizes come in handy for an array of different strokes and patterns.
These brushes are amazing. I don’t find hairs on my pottery, which is a great plus.

The brush handles have a smooth feel to them and make it super easy to control while applying glaze. Pottery can have hard to reach areas and these brushes to the trick. You don’t want to just glob a bunch of glaze in a hard to reach area or in the corner of your piece and hope for the best.

I also use one of these brushes for wax resist only. So far it works better than other Brushes I have tried in the past.

Note: Make sure you always wash your brushes out after every use. And NEVER use your wax resist brushes for glazing. It’s important to keep them separate. Labeling Your wax resist brushes works the best. We think we’ll remember, then all of a sudden, (Oh no which brush did I use for wax resist.)

These are just a few of the glaze brush sets I like and use most often with my favorite Glazes. When it comes to brushing on glazes the creativity is endless. You can place the glazes where ever you want and make any designs with pinpoint accuracy. These brush sets helped me enjoy the art of brushing on glazes, hope they do the same for you. Happy glazing