Best Glaze Brushes

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When it comes to decorating your pottery, there are so many different things you will need brushes for.

  • Creating patterns
  • Do detailing
  • Draw images
  • Brush on names and sayings
  • Wax resist application
  • Applying slip
  • Brush on bold strokes or fine lines

Below I have gathered a list of Glaze Brushes and Glaze Brush sets, plus a Brush Organizer. Many I have used or am using at the present time. Finding the right brushes can be very confusing and time-consuming. You won’t go wrong with any of my picks.

Disclaimer: We are ambassadors or affiliates for many of the brands we reference on the website.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

The tools listed in the post are tools I have used or am using at the present time. The tools are also optional, being that you may have, and use many of them already.

Creative Hobbies Hake Brush

Any old brush will not do when it comes to glazing. It will show on your final piece. Hake brushes are great for glazing they were designed with the potter in mind.


This Creative Hobbies Hake Brush (amazon) is designed to hold glazes very well. The fine quality of this hake uses very soft sheep hair and has the ability to hold a good amount of glaze for applying nice flowing strokes. This brush puts a smooth coat on every time. 


This brush is constructed with a bamboo handle and very soft sheep hair. You may get a stray hair here and there but overall it is a pretty durable brush.

Other Features:

This Hake brush is a nice manageable size for beginner potters. At 1 7/8″ wide, it allows you to glaze more area without the brush becoming too big and hard to handle on smaller pieces of pottery. This brush is also good for applying kiln wash Click Here (amazon) or (walmart) to check it out.

Wilson Bickford Mop Brush

When it comes to glazing brushes this Wilson Bickford – Mop Brush (amazon) or (walmart) is a good addition. It’s called a mop brush for a good reason. It can hold a good amount of glaze for a one-inch (2.54cm) brush.


This mop brush has soft bristles that hold the glaze well, allowing the glaze to flow off the brush nicely. It’s good for covering medium to larger areas.


The mop brush washes out well and the bristles last a long time with very few strays.

Other Features:

This brush is a good size and works well for abstract brush strokes. Can also make cool patterns with just a stroke using underglaze. Works well with applying colored slip to your pottery.

When using the mop brush you want to be able to apply to have a lot of glaze in your brush and soft enough so you don’t leave streaks unless you want them. This brush does that. Click Here (amazon) or (walmart) to get yours.

Five Glaze Brush Sets

When using glaze brushes size does matter. It’s important to have the right brush for the pottery you are glazing. You will find the more you glaze, the more brush selections you will want. Here are Five Glaze Brush Sets that are great for the beginner potter, they won’t break the bank.

1. AMAGIC Artist Soft Fan Brushes

a picture of fan brushes

I just love, love, love these Fan brushes and found I use these brushes most often. They are a must-have when decorating pottery.


These AMAGIC Artist Soft Fan Brushes are very reasonably priced. You will find them around $10 for six brushes. Making them so affordable you’ll want to buy two sets. You can order yours by clicking Fan Brush Set. (amazon)


I found the different effects they make and the coverage they produce have been wonderful. These Fan Brushes make Glazing more enjoyable when you feel the glaze slide on my pottery nice and smooth. These brushes are also perfect for decorative glazing. You can apply thin lines by using the side of your brush. Abstract painting is also fun and easy with these brushes.


Picking little brush hairs from your glaze work can be annoying, to say the least. These brushes have not shed on my pottery so far. These brushes are durable and last a long time.
It’s hard to glaze when your brush is too stiff, your glaze is going nowhere fast. You also don’t want the bristles to be too soft where you don’t have good control of the strokes. This Fan brush is not too stiff or soft and holds the glaze on the brush nicely.

Other Features:

This Fan Brush Set (amazon) makes glazing and underglazing fun and easy. I love the assortment of sizes to choose from. As a potter, you always have different size projects and different decorating styles. That’s why there is no way you can have only one size Fan brush. I love using the Fan brush for my small and medium-sized projects. They work great when glazing things like cups and ring holders.

2.  Creative Mark Hake Brushes

a picture of hake brushes

While glazing seems similar to painting, it’s not. The ingredients of glazes consist mainly of silica and clay, which makes it far different than paint. That’s why not just any brush will do. I found when glazing large areas the Creative Mark Hake Brushes (amazon) do the job better than any brush I had used before. 


These Creative Mark Hake Brushes are definitely a good price for all-natural brushes. The set of three good size brushes are under $8.


You will find the glaze just glides on leaving a smooth finish. Hake brushes hold the extra glaze that is needed to cover the pottery evenly, making the coverage easier and more even than other brushes. These brushes hold the glaze really well and make the application of glaze go on faster and smoother than any other brush I have used for overall coverage.


These Brushes have held up very well for me so far. Only lost a few bristles here and there. All in all for the number of times I have used the brushes the bristle loss is very low. The handles are long and sturdy which helps when glazing in harder to reach spots.

Other Features:

Using one small brush for all my pottery didn’t work out well at all. The smaller brush on bigger pots took forever to apply, and the coverage turned out uneven. That’s why it’s great to have three different Hake brush sizes to choose from. Click Here (amazon) to Purchase

3. XDT Hake Paint Brush Set

The XDT Hake Brush Set of Three is another good Hake brush set to choose from.


For the Basic Set of brushes, the price point is wonderful. Only around $9 will get you a nice set of 3 Hake Brushes.


This set of Hake Brushes (amazon) is great for glazing. The long hairs are good at holding a huge amount of glaze. this allows the glaze to flow on instead of brush on. Stiff brushes leave streak marks. These brushes hold just the right amount of the glaze.


These brush handles are made from a low-quality wood and roughly shaped. With that said the bristles are natural and hold the glaze nicely, also easy to clean.

Other Features:

One size does not fit all when it comes to glazing. The choice of 3 sizes 1.18in, 2in, and 2.95in. definitely makes a difference when glazing large and small pieces of pottery. To get these brushes Click Here (amazon)

4. Artist Round Tip Brush Set

a picture of transon brushes

Did you ever search for the right brush and thickness you desire when decorating your pottery? These Brushes are great for detail work with glazing and underglazing.


You will find this set of 8 Transon Round Detail Brushes with nice soft bristles are only around $18 and last a long time.


These Artist Round Tip Brush Set (amazon) or (walmart) have nice soft bristles to hold the glaze and work for great for detail design using thin to thick lines. Different sizes come in handy for an array of different strokes and patterns. You don’t want to just glob a bunch of glaze in a hard to reach area or in the corner of your piece and hope for the best. These brushes are great at reaching those areas.


These brushes are amazing. I don’t find hairs on my pottery, which is a great plus.
The brush handles have a smooth feel to them and make it super easy to control while applying the glaze.

Other Features:

Having different sizes to choose from is a big plus when decorating your work. The thicker brush sure does do the trick when you want to draw heavier lines and the thinner brushes also fit the bill. I’ve been happy with these brushes, Click Here (amazon) or (walmart) to get yours too.

5. Virtuoso Fine, Handmade Detail Brush Set

If you are looking for fine lines to draw on your pottery This set of 15 brushes is great for that very detailed type of artwork.


For the number of brushes you get with this and the quality of the brushes the price is quite amazing. You can find them for $17 which is a great value.


These are wonderful for fine lines and detailed Underglazing. When you want crisp lines and do detail Underglazing the Virtuoso fine brushes (amazon) are what you need. They are perfect for super fine lines.
When I used these for Underglazing they worked great. They held the underglaze nicely and went on my mug in nice smooth strokes.


The quality and value of these brushes are very good. When wanting very flexible and soft strokes to draw thin lines on your pottery this 15-piece brush set is a good choice. Click Here (amazon) to get yours.

Other Features:

The convenient carrying case comes in handy, keeping the brushes nice and neat.
The bristles will be stiff at first, just rinse in warm water and they are ready to design with.

Brush Organizer

The Loew-Cornell Multi Bin Brush Organizer (amazon) is great for holding your growing collection of Brushes. There are several advantages to having one.

  • They help keep your brushes organized
  • Gives your brush space to dry properly
  • It’s a great way to display your brushes
  • They are more visible which gives you easy access to the different brushes you need
  • Even though it does not swivel the circular shape is more convenient

This brush organizer stands at 5-1/4 inches (13.335cm) tall and 5-3/4 inches (14.605cm) in diameter, making it a pretty good size with 49 holes.
Keeping your brushes nice and organized helps you to have a more efficient studio. Click Here (amazon) to get yours.


Having the right brush does matter

These are just a few of the glaze brush sets I like and use most often with my favorite Glazes. When it comes to brushing on glazes the creativity is endless. You can place the glazes where ever you want and make any designs with pinpoint accuracy. These brush sets helped me enjoy the Art of brushing on glazes, hope they do the same for you. Happy glazing

Make sure you always wash your brushes out after every use. And NEVER use your wax resist brushes for glazing. It’s important to keep them separate. Labeling Your wax resist brushes works the best. We think we’ll remember, then all of a sudden, (Oh no which brush did I use for wax resist.)