The Best Aprons for Potters

a potter modeling a 4 different aprons

Every potter will agree that an apron is one of the essential items to have in your studio. Not only do they help keep your clothes clean as you work, but some also come with pockets that you can use to hold some of the tools you work with.

The best aprons for potters are the Meychin Blue Apron Its unique design ensures you remain comfortable when working. The CLAYPRON Artist Split Apron comes second. The CONDA Cotton Canvas Apron is a good budget pick and Mignongirl Crossback Apron is an excellent alternative choice.

Choosing the best apron may not be a simple task as it sounds. Lucky for you, I have all four and have compiled this list of the four aprons that could be ideal for your pottery work. Have a look at these four choices and what they have to offer.

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One of the important features of the best aprons for potters is comfort. My top choice is the  Meychin Blue adjustable denim apron. This unisex apron is an optimized upgrade, with the weaving way and material improved to reduce dispersion. The manufacturers also increased the size of the apron to make it more practical.

One of the best features of this Apron is the light wight comfortable feel. I hardly know I have it on. Who wants to feel a heavy bulky apron around their neck when they are working?

This apron also comes with a comfortable adjustable neck strap so you can easily wrap it around and tie it at the front. Thanks to this long neck strap, you can alter the apron to fit you perfectly. This way, all your clothes are covered while you’re working so you don’t need to worry about getting clay off them.

It also comes with two pockets, one broad and deep at the front, and the other a bit smaller, on the right side of the bigger pocket. These pockets are deep enough to hold any tools you may need to use in your pottery studio.

The apron is made of both cotton and polyester, which makes it easy to clean.

You can wash the apron using a washing machine, and you won’t have to worry about it fading, shrinking, or acquiring wrinkles. You only need to ensure you set the washing machine to tumble-dry low with similar colors.

If blue denim is not your favorite color, you don’t have to go with it. You get to choose from black, red, and very-black, depending on your preference.

Disclaimer: We are ambassadors or affiliates for many of the brands we reference on the website.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


I recommend hand washing all Aprons or getting the excess clay off your Apron first. Over time your pipes may clog depending upon how much clay you have on your Apron. So, it’s best to always use the same drain you use for your clay.

Runner Up: CLAYPRON Artist Kitchen Split Apron (Blue Denim)

The CLAYPRON Artist apron features a split leg and overlap design. This unique design ensures you remain comfortable as you work on your pottery. Additionally, it provides enough coverage when handling clay without having to adjust the apron or strapping the bottom to your ankles.

This blue denim apron is made from 100% cotton, which is breathable and hence comfortable for most potters. It also has long straps, which allows you to adjust the height to whatever suits you best. At 48 inches long and 29 inches wide, this apron’s one size fits most people.

As a potter, you’re likely going to have to carry about some items as you work. The apron comes with two slanted side pockets that are deep enough to hold several tools as you go about your day.

Cleaning this apron is pretty easy, just rinse the clay off and throw it in the washer

and dryer, then iron it a little. It is also easy to hand wash and throw it in the drier as well.

Some users complain that it shrinks a bit in size, but it will still be large enough to fit you since the change is only minimal.  

Budget Pick: CONDA Cotton Canvas Professional Bib Apron With 3 Pockets

This CONDA Cotton Canvas apron offers a flattering shape so you can still look good as you indulge in your craft. The apron is made from canvas, which is easy to clean and features an extra-long neck. The neck is made from cotton to ensure your comfort as you work.

This bib apron is quite versatile and comes in a one-size-fits-all design. It measures 31 in (78 cm) by 27 in (68 cm), making it suitable for most adults. It is on the shorter side but I am also on the taller side. With that said the coverage is still adequate.

What’s more, it comes with four pockets: two slanted pockets on each side and another two over the chest. The pockets are of different sizes and will come in quite handy when you need to hold several tools to go about your work in the pottery studio.

Despite this apron being our budget pick, it does quite well in terms of durability. The cotton canvas used to make this apron is both durable and absorbent.

It’s easy to wash and long-lasting so that you can use the apron for quite some time.

If you’d like to extend its lifespan, you should ideally wash it by hand and hang it to dry instead of using a dryer or bleaching it.

If you’re looking for an ideal potter’s apron on a budget, then you can spend your money on this choice. The manufacturers offer a one-year guarantee. In case you don’t like the apron, for whatever reason, you’ll receive a full refund if you return it within the year. It sounds like an excellent deal, right?

Other Choice: Mignongirl Crossback Apron With Pockets

If you’re looking for an apron that’s made from a different material my alternative choice for the best aprons will be an excellent option. The Mignongirl Crossback apron is made from canvas, making it easier to clean off any stuck clay. The canvas is ultra-durable and very clean to use via hand-wash only.

The fitting on this apron is the one quality that makes us rank it as the alternative choice. The straps on the Mignongirl Crossback apron are adjustable and removable. You can adjust the straps to suit your size, ranging from M-XXL, to ease your neck pain. The quick-release hardware buckle fastener ensures that you only need one minute to put on or take the apron off.

Additionally, the apron features a cross-back design that helps ease the stress from your neck and back. This design ensures that you distribute the carriage evenly so that you get rid of worker fatigue.

You also get reinforced stress points on the apron, which help ensure you can move

freely without fearing rips and tears as you work.

This apron features the same unique split design as my second choice. This design makes it convenient for you to sit when making ceramics. The apron also comes with two pockets that you can use to store tools or any other items you may need while working. Ideally, you can use the utility loop to hang your pottery tools when working.

Apron Quick Links (amazon)

BrandsRatedPocketsTypeColor ChoiceCheck Price
MeychinTop Choice2BibnoClick Here
ClaypronRunner Up2Split LegnoClick Here
CondaBudget3BibnoClick Here
MigningirlOther Choice2Split LegyesClick Here


The best apron should be a perfect fit, so your clothes are well covered. If you’re going to work on your pottery every day, then you must ensure your apron is durable and won’t wear out after a few washes.

The CLAYPRON artist kitchen split emerges as our top pick for its unique design, pockets, and long straps that allow you to adjust it to your comfort. Coming at a close second is the Mignongirl apron, whose cross-back design also allows for utmost comfort when working. The Meychin blue apron is also an excellent alternative, while the CONDA cotton canvas professional apron is ideal for anyone who wouldn’t want to spend a fortune on the apron.

Hopefully, this compilation helps you choose an apron that you’re going to love. Have a look at the four picks and choose one that allows you to work on your pottery without too much hassle.

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